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Designing Home Spaces for a Child with ASD

May 16, 2017

Home Spaces for a Child with ASD: Safety Part One of Two ACES will be publishing a series of posts on residential interior design tips for the spectrum. Creating interiors for children on the spectrum can be both exciting and challenging. The main goals of designing autism friendly environments are to foster and nurture health, wellness, a sense of belonging and safety. A visually and sensory pleasing space will lend itself to growth, relaxation and a feeling of security for both a child and family.

Today's topic, Safety, is always the number one priority; which is why I will focus two blogs on this subject. Part One will cover furniture and floor safety. Part Two will focus on safety in the bath and kitchen areas.

It's important to consider safety in almost every design decision we make. Choosing furniture and finish materials resilient to falls and bumps that create a soft landing pad is a good place to start when putting together a room.

Furniture that is fully upholstered usually works well. If a child is incident prone, leather is longer lasting but... more

A Very Special Autism Puzzle Wall

April 27, 2017

A Very Special Autism Puzzle Wall Nobel prize winning peace activist, Malala Yousafzai, once said, "One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." This blog tells the inspirational story of a very special Autism Puzzle wall – a wall inspired by one ACES puzzle piece, one teacher, and one classroom. It is a perfect way to wrap up April Autism Awareness month.

ACES Loves Teachers!
The story begins in early April with the mother of an ACES employee that works as a special educ... more

What Temple Grandin's Mother Knew

April 18, 2017

Temple Grandin and Mother
The first book I read by Temple Grandin described her mother's insistence that her young daughter learn manners. Her mother never said "stop" or "don't"; she did not get upset, she simply stated what the correct behavior was and ensured Temple followed through. Recalling my own early days as a mother, I had the same focus, but not the formula. My children's manners seemed to be the public indicator of my success as a parent. When you are new at parenting, that is a clear mile marker and you want to get there fast.

When my daughter started her ABA program at age 3½ so ma... more