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Howdy Homemade

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Howdy Homemade

October 5, 2016,

Howdy Homemade
Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly, summer and swimming, ice cream and adults with disabilities.

That's right. A very special Texas-based company called Howdy Homemade employs adults with autism and other disabilities to greet customers and serve up delicious ice cream. Their motto is "Howdy Homemade harnesses hope and hard work to empower special Texans with special needs, one scoop at a time."

ACES knows a good thing when we see it and we're not just talking about the ice cream. Our mission is to help individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum to realize their full potential and be successful in life. When we learned of Howdy Homemade, their mission of employing adults with disabilities, and their close proximity to our Dallas office, we had to go check it out. Not surprisingly, our staff loved the people and the store, and felt passionate about wanting to help.

Recently the ACES Dallas team took a scoop out of their day to assist with a promotional event of Howdy Homemade's flagship flavor, Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. A great time was had by all interacting with the amazing and hardworking employees; as well as with the wonderful customers that came in for the delicious Howdy Homemade treats and will return for the rewarding experience of supporting their mission.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. While this may not be true in all cases, we know that Howdy Homemade certainly has a big heart and is doing big things for adults with disabilities in Texas! Please visit Howdy Homemade's web site for more information about their program and if you are ever in Dallas, stop by our ACES office to say "howdy" and we'll take you over there for a scoop.