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Service In Action

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Service In Action

July 12, 2016,

Alex Fox
(Left to right) Joe Dixon, Aimee Pack, Alex Fox, Ashley Drag Posted by Alex Fox
If you ask any ACES employee what the core values of the company are, there’s a good chance they would be able to repeat them with conviction. The ACES culture is rich with examples of moments where each value has been exemplified. While there are seven commonly discussed values (respect, fun, passion, innovation, collaboration, flexibility, and results), ACES actually has nine mission values one of which is service.

Acts of service means something different to each person. Whether it be participating in walks or donating our time or funds, each of us dedicate ourselves to a greater good. In June, ACES was honored with an opportunity to participate in the Utah Special Olympics.

It was at this event where we had the immense privilege of connecting with Alex Fox. After seeing a post from an acquaintance on Facebook about their daughter who needed a kidney, Alex went through testing to see if he was a match. The testing confirmed him as a good candidate for the transplant, and Alex began his journey as an organ donor. This selfless life-saving act forged a permanent bond between Alex and the recipient. This story has been featured by many news outlets in Utah.

Beyond organ donation, Alex spends his time promoting companies and individuals who are as dedicated as he is to helping others. He has recently become involved with the foundation Brighton a Day who are dedicated to easing the grief of those whom have lost a family member.

With an industry that is focused on client service and improving the lives of individuals and families impacted with special needs, acts of service occur every day. Alex is an example to all of us on how one individual can have life-altering effects on others. This is what we strive for; to truly make an impact on our communities, families, and clients. We are immensely inspired by Alex and are ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with him. To read more about his adventures you can visit his Facebook page.