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Spring ABA Camp

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Spring ABA Camp Program Provides Many Benefits to Children with Autism Schools out! Now what?

February 7, 2017,

ACES Spring Camp
All children benefit from a structured day and staying engaged with peers during school breaks, but children with Autism are especially in need of ongoing structure, consistency, and social interaction when their daily routines are disrupted.

ACES has been practicing ABA for 20 years. We have found that offering specialized Seasonal ABA Camps are a great way to keep developing positive behaviors and social skills when children are out of school. ACES offers a one-of-a-kind camp curriculum that is age-appropriate, fun, and most importantly, meaningful. All activities in the camp are designed to target areas of social, communication, and adaptive skills with an element of creativity that is hard to replicate at home.

ACES Spring Camp
Seasonal ABA Camps are offered each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). They range from one-week to five-weeks depending on the school calendar for the region. Our Seasonal ABA Camps are distinct because they offer a chance for our clients to generalize what they have learned in home ABA sessions to a small group environment with new friends and new adults.

To share some insight into how a Seasonal ABA Camps camp is run, children are placed in small groups of 4-5 similarly matched peers. Each group is paired with a behavioral interventionist that individualizes each station for the child. Groups rotate to different stations throughout the five-hour day. The types of station experiences may include All About Me, Language Center, Social Games and Circle Time.

One of the stations, "All About Me," is a time when campers take part in fun activities to target personal goals such as reviewing personal

ACES Spring Camp
information (phone numbers, addresses), understanding emotions, recognizing days of the week, community safety, stranger awareness, sharing likes and dislikes. Games like "Simon Says" or "Bingo" may be used to help with identification of basic emotions.

In addition to Seasonal ABA Camps for school aged curriculum, ACES also offers these camps for teenagers and young adult clients; applying a modified curriculum and activities to meet their needs. For example, staff may have older campers help with preparing the tables, leading a station, or assisting with clean up.

No matter the age or individual needs, ACES Seasonal ABA Camp are a popular choice for ACES parents and a positive place for children. We hope you will consider allowing ACES to provide your child with structure, social opportunities and consistency they will need on their next break from school. Sign up for ACES Spring ABA Camp. Registration is open and space is limited.

ACES Spring Camp