A Very Special Autism Puzzle Wall

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A Very Special Autism Puzzle Wall

April 27, 2017,

A Very Special Autism Puzzle Wall
Nobel prize winning peace activist, Malala Yousafzai, once said, "One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." This blog tells the inspirational story of a very special Autism Puzzle wall – a wall inspired by one ACES puzzle piece, one teacher, and one classroom. It is a perfect way to wrap up April Autism Awareness month.

ACES Loves Teachers!
The story begins in early April with the mother of an ACES employee that works as a special education teacher's aide in a California high school. One day she decided to replicate an ACES autism awareness puzzle piece to use in her classroom. [Like all good teachers, she knows how to be resourceful!] She had her students decorate the pieces using only markers and their imaginations. She put the pieces together and showcased them on a wall outside her classroom.

What started as a small yet proud display caught the attention of staff and students alike. Others asked to add their decorated puzzle pieces and suddenly the display was too large to fit in that hallway.

The Autism Puzzle Wall was promptly moved to a larger, more prominent area of the high school. Now the entire student body and faculty are involved; adding their decorated puzzles throughout the month. The administration is even planning to make this a tradition every April.

We know education is the key to changing the world. Thank you to this educator for doing her part - one pen, one student, and one puzzle piece at a time. ACES loves teachers!